[clug] Active directory integration

Richard richard_c at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 6 09:23:13 GMT 2006

Andrew Klemm wrote:

>Was just wondering if anyone has any experience with integrating linux on an sbs2k3 network.  I have fedora core 5 authenticating against the server with samba\winbind, but it seems to be trying to connect to server network shares as "guest".  I can provide more info (config files) if anyone thinks they can help.
I've got a complete Windows 2003R2 AD and RHEL4.2 integration going 
here. By "complete" I mean that all authentication is against AD (via 
kerberos), and all authorisation/user information is via LDAP (against 
AD, but various OpenLDAP tricks could change that very quickly). The 
RHEL boxes have registered with the AD domain and are "browsable" from 

In my network, I login to Linux using an AD/kerberos username. 
Kerberised applications (of which there are few) will forward my 
credentials to Windows transparently. I think the likely problem is that 
the application you're using doesn't understand the authentication 
system you've got in place (if any).

I heartily recommend the book "Windows and Linux Integration" ( 
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0782144284 ); I couldn't have got the 
integration done without it. The promised online sections on Win2K3 R2 
haven't materialised yet, but I figured out the missing bits (I think).


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