[clug] How many video cards/screens/audio cards can be run off one box?

Doug Palmer Doug.Palmer at csiro.au
Wed Jul 5 02:07:27 GMT 2006

Has anybody tried this?

My group is trying to decide between using a bunch of small MPEG decoder
boxes to display composite video on a TV or decoding the MPEG streams on
a computer and displaying the results on a monitor. The same for audio.

We don't have the space for multiple systems. So we're thinking about
trying to run two dual-head video cards on a single system for video and
multiple sound cards.

It seems to me that X-Windows and ALSA should handle this sensibly. But,
as always, the devil is likely to be in the details. Has anyone actually
tried doing anything like this? Any recommendations, horror stories or
other experiences that we can draw upon?


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