[clug] [for sale] [free] Ultra-1's and an Ultra-5

Bill Clarke llib at computer.org
Tue Jan 31 00:16:17 GMT 2006

The following items are available for free to anyone who will take them
away from Computer Science, ANU.

Note: Preference will be given to those who will take more.

Most of the parts are from a decommissioned Fujitsu AP3000 (a cluster of
essentially Ultra-1's with a proprietary interconnect).  The
interconnect switch is going in the museum, and we've re-used the
cabinets for another cluster.

- 12 x Fujitsu S-7/300U (identical to Ultra-1/170 [167 MHz UltraSPARC I]
except for the name-plate).  Each has: CD-ROM (except one), 10Mb
ethernet, Fujitsu proprietary expansion card for comms.  One has a
graphics card (Sun GX).  Internal space for 8 DIMMs (4 were used, see
below) and two internal SCSI HDDs (see below).

- 48 x 32 MB Sun DIMMs (taken from above boxes, also suitable for
various other Ultra systems, see <http://www.memoryx.net/x7002a.html>).

- 12 x 9.1 GB 7200 RPM SCSI disks (Fujitsu MAP3091SC, part 370-3413).

- 8 x 2.1 GB 7200 RPM SCSI disks (Seagate Barracuda ST32550WC, part

- 4 x 2.1 GB 5400 RPM SCSI disks (2 each of Seagate ST 32155WC, part
370-2314; IBM DORS-32160, part 370-2315).

Also, there are the following items:

- Sun Ultra-1 (167 MHz UltraSPARC I) with 192 MB RAM, 2.1 GB and 4.2 GB
internal SCSI disks, Sun 19" monitor keyboard and mouse.  No CD-ROM
(although the CD-ROMs from the Fujitsu boxes are compatible).

- Sun Ultra-5 (270 MHz UltraSPARC IIi) with 128 MB RAM, 4.3 GB internal
EIDE HDD and CD-ROM, Sun 17" monitor keyboard and mouse.

All are in working condition.

Let me know via email if you're interested.

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