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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sun Jan 29 23:55:13 GMT 2006

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From: Owen Cook

>I think you will find that the modems on MBs are winmodems.
>Internal modems, like their external counterparts are selfcontained units

Erm, no. Any PCI "controllerless" card is generally a "winmodem". Cards such
as the ST-Labs FM56K-RWS-1 use the Connexant chip which requires either
windows, or the linmodem driver (commercial Linux version of the winmodem
dll's). if it's marketed as "windows Only", it's even money it's a winmodem.
USRobotics are another manufacturer of "controllerless" modems chipsets.
Diamond-Data are one of the biggest perpetrators of the winmodem crime. I
even ended up with an external serial modem that turned out to be a

For more information, take a read of

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