[clug] Rsync from windows

Tony and Robyn Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 3 02:36:09 GMT 2006

Steve Jenkin wrote:

>Could anyone confirm for me that the only 'rsync' for windows versions
>is from 'cygwin'??

The MS-blessed version would appear to be here: 
http://www.interopsystems.com/tools/warehouse.aspx.  You'll probably 
need to register.

As far as I can tell, this site (the interop tools) is a bolt-on to MS's 
Services For Unix.  There is a very Cygwin-y look and feel to it:
 * there are many packages of common GNU tools
 * (semi?) community driven
 * regular updates

It's different from Cygwin in that (I don't think) there is an installer 
like Cygwin's setup.exe - it's more of an apt look and feel.  And 
there's no X server, I think.

I only know this because the bosses at work are keen to avoid this whole 
open source plague, and want to assimilate to the MS plan as much as 
possible.  Pity.

The only reason I could think for going for the interop kit over cygwin 
if you have the choice, is that you're more likely to get official MS 


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