[clug] Ubuntu - looking for a hand to get started.

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jan 2 13:18:09 GMT 2006


Hi!  I am also relatively new to Linux and am using Ubuntu 5.10.  I may 
not be the best person to respond, but am happy to share experiences.  
First off, I live in Batemans Bay so will have to do this via the list 
or direct e-mail.

I have two PC's (a Toshiba desktop running Windows XP Pro and a Cougar 
(from Mitchell) desktop which dual boots WinXP Home and Ubuntu).  I 
occasionally run live CDs on the Toshiba so both PCs use Linux.  I have 
an ADSL connection (via OzEmail using a D-Link ADSL modem) and have 
absolutely no configuration required for either PC to connect to the 
Internet.  The Linux start-up process (using a veriety of distros) finds 
the network and automatically configures it.  Prior to ADSL, I used a 
dial-up connection.  Simply, if you don't have an external hardware 
modem then you will have a great deal of problems connecting to the 
Internet.  The only exception I ever found was an early version of 
Xandros which seemed to have the necessary Winmodem drivers and it was 
just as easy as that other operating system to connect-up.

Printers are another problem area.  I have a Canon Laser Shot laser ( 
great little printer) but until very recently, I have not been able to 
get a Linux driver (I now have one but have yet to try it).  Recently I 
purchased a Samsung laser printer from Harris Technology in Fyshwick 
(approx. $180) and it works fine with Ubuntu.

One thing that has been of a great help to me is the diary I started 
when I first installed Ubuntu.  I make notes of any issue that I have 
and the process used to resolve it.  The diary makes re-installs or 
up-grades to later versions much easier.

Hope that helps a little.  My e-mail, if you need it, is peter.anderson 
[at] ozemail.com.au


Peter Anderson
E: peter.anderson at ozemail.com.au
P: +61 (0)2 4472 2274
M: +61 (0)418 249 648
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