[clug] Another Nudge for the Perl-Mongers/CLUG PSIG 9th of March

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Feb 27 12:40:19 GMT 2006

Hi Mongers and Cluggers

Just a reminder to shoot me an email soon if you want to give a talk about
something perl related at the March Perl-Flavoured PSIG*.

Don't be put off by your knowledge, you won't be booed off the chair, or
pelted with pancakes, the worst that may happen is someone may suggest a
better way to do whatever it is you're talking about. From C flavoured Perl
to Perl with a twist of python, give it some thought and get back to me with
a talk idea. Even if your talk is only 10 minutes long, it may lead to 2
hours of questions that can explain everything to you (and everyone else).

Details for the meeting:

Date:		9th March 2006 (Second Thursday of the month)

Time:		18:30 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Venue:	Canberra City Pancake Parlour

		Find platform 4 in the City Interchange (see map below)
		and then look for the Pancake Parlour sandwich board.
		At the bottom of the stairs, look for the PSIG sign on
		the counter and a stuffed penguin in the indicated

		Map	http://tinyurl.com/dyexl

*Perl-Flavoured PSIG came about in an effort to resuscitate the Canberra
Perl Mongers group. Every 3 months (March - July - October - January) the
Canberra Linux User's Group Programmer's Special Interest Group takes on a
Perl tinge as we combine meetings with the Canberra Chapter of Perl Mongers.

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Subject: [Canberra-pm] *nudge* Canberra Perl Mongers meeting 9th March

G'day everyone,

Steve who runs the CLUG-PSIG has kindly offered Canberra Perl Mongers the
opportunity to use his ready gathered audience as a starting point for the
Canberra Perl Mongers meeting.  Unfortunately neither Paul or myself will be
there, so it's up to *you* to think of something to talk about, or suggest
something you'd like to hear about.

Have you done anything really cool in Perl recently?  Is there a Perl module
just couldn't live without?  How are you at testing - could you give an
introductory session on Test::Simple or Test::More?  Perhaps you're keeping
with what's involved in the Perl 6 development, and could give everyone a
summary of how it's going?  Have you used PUGS - perhaps you could give a

It doesn't matter if you've never presented before and you expect to be
just shorten your presentation to 10 minutes.  Most intelligent adults can
listen politely to a bad presentation for 10 minutes.   A good presentation,
the other hand, might get your audience to ask you for more.  :)

If you are unable to present a talk this time, please have a good think
what you would like learn about.  Bring this up on the list, there might be
someone who knows all about it and assumes everyone else does too.

Details for the meeting:

Date:		9th March 2006 (Second Thursday of the month)

Time:		18:30 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Venue:		Canberra City Pancake Parlour

I've added this meeting time to the PerlNet wiki ( http://perl.net.au/ ) and
started a meeting plan at: http://perl.net.au/wiki/Canberra_Perl_Mongers
Please make additions.

All the best,


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