[clug] wireless keyboards with pointing devices

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sun Feb 26 22:41:28 GMT 2006

Thanks freegazer,

I am currently considering one of two Globlink units available from
Aus. PC Market:
  - works at 2.4GHz, so could potentially interfere somewhat with the old
802.11b/g network, or
  - works at 27Mhz (so may interfere with the R/C car :-), but is $16
cheaper (although it has lower range).

The cheaper Maxtron I/R unit on the Aus PC Market Cordless Keyboards
page is very similar to my existing (not so good) keyboard.


Bob Edwards.

freegazer wrote:
> Bob
> I've been looking for something similar for a while now but technology is
> leaping ahead and the only similar things I can find are all Radio based
> :-(.
> If you have any sucess can you post back with the details as there is
> another sale here :-)
> if you are interested in Radio instead there seems to be a good response to
> the M$ HTPC combo KBD and Trackball..... i almost bought it but remembered
> my morals :-)
> On 2/23/06, Michael Carden <crash at michaelcarden.net> wrote:
>>On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 10:06 pm, Bob Edwards wrote:
>>>a similar keyboard (some years old now) which uses IR, but it
>>>is becoming hopeless (maybe the IR emitter is wearing out or something)
>>>and was never that good in the first place.
>>If it was never particularly good, I can see why you would replace it. If
>>was okay and now it's not so good. you may be better off finding out why.
>>IR LEDs are not noted for having dramatically short lifetimes. Relying
>>on my dodgy memory I vaguely recall that they may approach the thousands
>>hours that visible LEDs do. Certainly in their primary role (as TV, Video,
>>stereo etc remote controls) they seem to do 20 years plus with no trouble.
>>FWIW, you can readily view the output of any IR LED with most modern video
>>cameras. Their response creeps enough into IR that remote control units
>>up in the viewfinder. Look at your keyboard with a camera to see if it's
>>spraying stuff to the receiver.
>>Things like obstructions in the light path ( I have seen cockroach poo
>>remotes more than once ) even scratches in the crappy red plastic lenses
>>make a difference. Poor quality batteries or corroded battery contacts in
>>keyboard will severely limit performance.
>>And of course if the keyboard has spent a long time in your lounge room,
>>random output of kids or pets might render it useless in minutes, let
>>Anyway, I guess I'm suggesting that what you have may keep working with a
>>of attention. If not, I'm as keen as you are to hear of what's out there
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