[UNCLASSIFIED]RE: [clug] Popular Linux magazine for ACT library

Michael Simpson mksimpson at goldweb.com.au
Fri Feb 17 12:32:05 GMT 2006

Thanks for the feedback, but I must admit I was thinking specifically 
not Linux Journal.  Tho part of the idea is to save myself some money, 
it is also to make Linux more accessible to people who aren't using it 
yet.  I think Linux Journal is pitched at a bit too expert a level for 
this.  Also, LJ doesn't come with software disks, which again was part 
of the idea.  I suspect the public library will be more interested in 
the lower level magazine.  UC and ANU libs already get LJ, tho only 
electronic, so they won't be available to anyone coming in off the 
street.  I notice that LJ only costs US$25 electronic.  I might mention 
that to them as a second choice.

A search didn't reveal any Australian print Linux mag.

Andrew Smith wrote:

> A Linux Journal subscription is a good way to go, I think it was only 
> $65US or so and arrives well before it hits the newsagents.  The 
> individual copy price (from memory) is around $13.
> Andrew
> Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> I tend to get most of what I used to get from magazines and papers
>> via websites now. But based on the copies I have seen, I'd concur
>> With Bob on Linux Journal (and I'd probably read it if I didn't need
>> to buy it first).
>> Then there was that Australian effort that Con Zymaris was
>> involved with, not too sure if it still exists as I rarely
>> visit news agents. An Australian publication would probably
>> also be a nice thing to support.
>> While not strictly Linux, Make magazine looks rather cool.
>> Another idea would be for the library to make current Linux CDs 
>> available.
>> If you think someonething's a good idea, go for it. :o)
>> Antti
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>> Hi,
>>         New to the list, only been to one Thursday clug so far.
>>     I've been looking in the ACT library catalogue, and it seems that 
>> tho they have a few books on Linux, they don't get any of the popular 
>> magazines.  I plan to put in an acquisition request for one of them, 
>> most likely Linux Format, since that is the one I seem to have bought 
>> most often.
>>     I'm wondering whether the list has an opinion, and also whether I 
>> can refer to clug as supporting the idea.
>> Michael Simpson
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