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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Sat Dec 30 21:34:28 GMT 2006

Michael Cohen <michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au> wrote:
> If the news publishers decide to publish low quality amateur photos over
> professional photos because they are cheap (as he is claiming) that reflects on
> the quality of the publisher itself and in turn the audience who buy the
> papers.

That's the message I took from the article, too. If newspapers don't
care about image quality and their readers don't care either, this
photographer has no right to enforce whatever image quality standard he
feels is appropriate on them.

In the TV world, Big Brother and the Idol spinoffs are the equivalent.
They're cheap and crap, and some of us wish the rest of the TV viewing
world had some class but they don't and there's nothing we can do about
it and I really need to take a breath after such a long run-on sentence.

> It may be that professional photographers can no longer sustain a full
> time income in future - if thats the way technology is going its just progress

I think it may become just like the programming world - The vast majority
of programmers are paid to write in-house and custom software, not
saleable software products. So maybe most photographers will have to make
their money from commissioned shoots of specific subjects or situations
or something.

His biggest complaint seems to be that his work isn't better than
amateurs with phone cameras by a large enough margin to justify his
higher price, so people won't pay him for his product. Well, that's
capitalism at work. Compete or die.
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