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On Thu, December 28, 2006 22:22, Sam Couter said:

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> I don't have a DVD player hooked up to my TV. They do what the disc

> manufacturer wants them to do (refusing to skip ads, for example),

> what I want them to do. So I'll never buy one.

Thats your choice. But not everyone wants that. I for one would rather not
use my PC for watching DVDs as It can be utilized in much better ways.
Thats my choice and my way of using my PC. I do understand that each
person want to use their PCs in different ways, The point I was trying to
make is that I think apart from the nastiness of the erosion of fair use,
not being able to copy DVDs or even Playing them on my PC is no great

If it is for some,  then I really think they need to re-evaluate
their life style and purpose in life. 

It is after all just a small part of entertainment.


> Convenience. Exactly the same reason why people rip CDs to their

> computer. The valuable original discs can be stored somewhere safe

> from small jammy fingers, and the CD or DVD jukebox can get on with

> job of playing what I want, when I want. No stuffing around

> discs and such.


There you go... Just convenience. You know you can treat you Discs with
care, and put them out of reach of sticky little finger.  No great
burden to the disc user. (And yes I have children).



> Err... Yes, it is. "PC" stands for "Personal
Computer". If it's used for

> browsing the web, is it just a web browser and not a computer? No,
it's a

> computer with a web browser running on it.


Point taken.

>> And here we are debating the fact that the greedy no longer want
us to

>> have the ability to make copies of their product on our PCs.


> It's not about making copies, it's about use. It's about owning

> I've paid for and being able to do what I want with it. It's about

> being forced to watch ads before movies. It's about media and

> that doesn't "phone home" and continues to work, even if
the vendor goes

> bust or decides they don't like me anymore. It's about not having to

> extra for deliberately broken stuff.


I must point out that the quote is taken a slight bit out of context.. I
was trying say that with all that is happening in the world today I feel
that the actions of MS and the entertainment industries are perhaps not
the most important things we should be trying to resolve. Lets please get
a little perspective on this... I mean, it is just entertainment... you
wont die if all the doomsaying comes true... you may actually have to open
a book or perhaps turn on a TV but I doubt you will die a horrible death
if it all comes true. 


> To rant a little further from the topic (because reading between

> lines, you may be making a common mistake in your thinking),

> (should really be called copy privilege) is an artificial construct.

> very careful you don't fall into the trap of thinking creators have

> kind of inherent ownership rights over works they produce. They

> Copyright is a bargain society has made with creators, to give them

> TEMPORARY rights in exchange for continuing to create. They're trying

> break that bargain AFTER the fact, using technological and legal

> That's wrong by any standard.


I am sorry but I diagree.... The creator of any creation should have
rights over how their creation is to be used or abused. At least for a
reasonable amount of time. The idea that creators have no rights what so
ever and society grants them some privileges is abhorrent.

Yes it is a bargain, but one that the creator makes with society, not the
other way round. The other way round is called communism. (I know.... that
is a massive generalization. My point being is that the creator should
have most of the say in what is done. Yes, for societies sake there needs
be rules, but I really think the rights should lean towards the creator.
not the other way round. If it is, what incentive is there for creation at

As for MS and the entertainment industries purchased laws, they are to a
very large degree abusing that bargain just as much as the people who
pirate their products. That is no excuse, but it does show that they are
not the only "evil" ones in this debate. To ignore the reasons
for their reactions and actions is also limited thinking. 



>> What is wrong with this picture?


> Mostly ignorance and limited thinking.


I have never said that I am smart or an open thinker... I am but I small
minded Idiot who talks too much. (I do like playing devils advocate by the

> Have I been trolled?

LOL, yes to a degree. Sorry.:)

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