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Very well stated and I agree fully. My first question was I suppose a cry
to the general FOSS community to engage in what ever way they can with the
manufacturer to prevent the loss of openness of their hardware. 

If Companies like IBM and HP keep pushing the support of Linux and the
Other open OSs' Microsoft and the Entertainment Industry may have no
choice but to wear choice at the Computer Shop.

For all the howling down of IBM in the past they have been a good ally to
FOSS recently and it would be a crying shame to lose them as an ally.

What I would love to see is this alliance expand to other manufacturers. I
would love to see HP Strengthen their bond with FOSS and Linux. Once again
HP has to at least some degree supported the FOSS community. To see both
these companies tell MS to go shove "Trusted computing" where
the sun don't shine would certainly kill it dead.

Sigh, but once again I am in a dream world to expect either to tell MS and
the Entertainment industry where to go.

Well for what its worth I will be suggesting to all my friend to upgrade
from XP to Linux instead of Vista. I know its only a small contribution
but I am a f'in hopeless coder.:)

Be Well.


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