[clug] A most interesting read, most interesting

Hugh Fisher Hugh.Fisher at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 27 09:32:35 GMT 2006

Peter Anderson wrote:

> Why can't we just be thankful that there are alternatives and that we
> have the opportunity to use what we prefer. We ought to be putting our
> energies into more productive endeavours - don't you think?

That's certainly an option, and is discussed in the original essay. The
probable outcome is that Linux remains as it is now: an alternative
for those who really want to use free/open source software. Linux
rules the server space, while the other 90%+ of computers on desks
and in homes run MS-Windows or Macintosh.

Which does nothing to advance the social movement you seem to
think important. In the open vs proprietary media debate, MS Windows
and Macintosh owners - 90% of the computing public - *don't care*
because the proprietary stuff works just fine for them. You want to
get DMCA like laws reversed? Show them a better alternative - and
Linux in its current form is *not* better.


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