[clug] hardware dealer recommendation in ACT

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Mon Dec 4 01:07:57 GMT 2006

> I'm new in the ACT region and planning to get a new desktop. I'm after a
> casing big enough to house 3-4 SATA or SCSI disks and SCSI and RAID
> controllers and something that comes with a good fan. Can anyone recommend
> a
> reliable dealer with good warranty? The box will run BSD Unix.

Hey Chris,
Welcome to Canberra!

This was discussed in Oct 06, should find something helpful there, I hope :)

And I know you're not asking, but I really like Antec's P1 series:

I have a P160 with 500W Antec True power supply and 4 x sata hard drives.
Great layout and great air flow. Quiet too with a few Antec fans.


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