[clug] C Programmer wanted for open source project - work from home

amw linux_coder at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 01:56:55 GMT 2006

Hello George Cora-

I am a C programmer who needs work and may
be able to do exactly what you want.

Are you able to receive work from a remote
worker?  I like in Delaware, actually
Wilmington, Delaware and need to be here
at least for the short term because I have
a sister who is unable to drive and needs
rides from time to time.

I have plenty of experience using the gcc
compiler with linux versions and earlier
I was quite familiar with Borland's C.

If you can entertain the possibility to
using me, I'll be glad to begin by
doing a few very small jobs for you at 
no cost.  If it leads to something that
pays reasonably well, I'm willing just
to be able to work thru the internet.

For a long time I lived in Cambridge, MA
where C coding jobs are easy find. 
Delaware is not a center of technology.

Art Weber

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