[clug] Debian MythTV packages

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 17:19:33 GMT 2006

Hey all,

Several people mentioned to me at the fixfest that the MythTV packages
for debian are a myth. At the time I didn't quite realise that they
ment that the packages seem to have disappeared from the repository
with a note saying check the mythtv-dev mailing list for details. A
quick keyword search through the archives and I see no mention of it
there. When I was setting my mythtv box up a few weeks ago I
downloaded all (or at least most) of the i386 and a64 mythtv packages
(since the firewall setup here would make it a little annoying to have
simply added the repo to my sources.list). Anyway, I have put the
packages that I downloaded up on an ftp server running in my room -
due to the firewall they can only be accessed from within the ANU
campus, so I would appreciate it if someone in an appropriate position
can mirror these packages elsewhere with a less restrictive firewall
or suggest somewhere I can upload them to.

Anyway, for the moment they are located at:

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