[clug] MythTV on TransACT [part 2]

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Aug 23 05:36:57 GMT 2006

Paul Wayper wrote on 23/8/06 12:09 PM:

Ooops.  I forgot a really important factoid.

Transmission-lines are usually described in terms of "gain-bandwidth
product" or "distance-bandwidth product".  For a given type of
transmission line (eg cat-5 or 50ohmn coax), then for a receiver
sensitivity and noise level, you have to halve the distance to achieve
double the bandwidth...  Undersea coax cables got more expensive because
of this ;-)

Don't know what happens with Fibre.  There are losses, group delay,
dispersion and whatever that limit your bandwidth and distance.

We've some *real* (ex) telecomms people on this list, perhaps they'll
post more info/links.

> Pardon my ignorance, but how is a VDSL modem different from a standard
> ADSL modem.  Surely you're still just talking about a 8000/1000
> connection to the CPE, which AFAIK is possible even with an old ADSL 1
> modem.
> Curious Paul.

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