[clug] Red Hat linux purchase

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Fri Aug 11 01:54:23 GMT 2006

Personally, I wouldn't equate Fedora to RHEL Workstation. If you 
specifically need RHEL, and don't want to buy a copy, or can't find 
somewhere locally, take a look at CENTOS (www.centos.org), which is just 
RHEL Workstation with the RedHat branding removed from it.

AIUI, when you buy RHEL, you are actually buying access to the updates 
and support, So the Centos team then work their way through the updates 
as they become public and release them themselves.


Drew Parsons wrote:

> You could always buy RedHat Linux off... Red Hat.
> https://www.redhat.com/apps/commerce/
> When commercial software companies say they "require" a particular
> version of Linux, they commonly mean they are only willing to provide
> paid support for their software when used on that version.  That is, the
> software is well likely to work perfectly fine on other versions,
> including free ones, for instance the "free" version of Red Hat which is
> called Fedora (at the end of the day they're all linux, after all), but
> you'd have to be able to set it up and keep it running yourself.
> Drew

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