[clug] Canberra Linux user group- assistance needed

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sat Apr 29 06:06:22 GMT 2006

>EXT3-fs dm-0 couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features
(80008000) mount error 22 mounting ext 3

Oh yay!

I've found this can happen when;

1)the partition is formatted as ext2, but /etc/fstab says Ext3. My guess is
that /etc/fstab lives on / (as opposed to /etc own partition) and can't be
read till it's mounted. kernel has the ext3 modules loaded from initrd so
the kernel can have 2 guesses at how to mount /, and it picks the wrong one.


2)RH uses labels to identify partitions to mount (rather than using device
names), so you will tend to have something like:-

  LABEL=/usr   /usr  ...

instead of

  /dev/hda6	/usr ...

in your fstab (NB I might have got the syntax a little wrong in the first
one - I don't mess with fstab on RH LVM systems).

The labels applied to the partitions by the installer are directly related
to the mount point the filesystem would use.   So if you are
reusing a drive from another installation you may well have the same label
on 2 partitions on different drives, with "interesting" results. Although,
if it's only one drive, I'm not sure how this would work.

>I'm happy to be somebody's remote hands for this one, or I'm sure anyone
else who wants to go and visit would be welcome.

I depending on how the week starts out, I might drop you a line on Tuesday
or Wednesday to tee up a time to pay them a visit.



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