[clug] Assistance to leave the Bazaar.

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Sat Apr 29 03:13:10 GMT 2006

After sending off my previous post on the subject, I looked across at Joanne's 
XP box and thought back to her positive experiences with the Ubuntu and 
Kororaa live CDs. What better time to practise what I preach?

So I took a look at the drive layout and found on the 200G system drive a 'D' 
drive partitioned as 83G of 'Backup' and never used for more than a gig or so 
of OEM stuff. So I decided to resize it to 10G or so and set up Ubuntu Dapper 
Drake flight 6 on the free space.

I also discovered that the Ubuntu Breezy live CD has gparted on it, so 
resizing should be easy.

Taking my own advice, I made sure the unused partition was clean and defragged 
(it was). I booted the Breezy live CD and brought up gparted. Selected the 
near empty partition and resized. Clicked Apply.

No luck. No changes. Hmmm. Thinking to run gparted and also see some error 
output, I opened a console window and typed: gparted

Error, need to be root. D'oh, of course. I typed : sudo gparted
..and got on with the job. 

Still no changes but some error in the console about /dev/hdc being read only. 
Well, /dev/hdc is the CD drive. It is read only but I'm looking at 
changing /dev/hda5 anyway. Odd.

I fiddled for a bit longer (tried several times with no result) then decided 
to queue the resize and the reallocate of the free space to ext3 before 
hitting Apply. This time it spat an error to the console that suggested I 
file a bug report with the gparted folks and no partitions of any type were 
visible. I nervously restarted gparted, but nope, no partitions.

Yikes! I've hosed the box. I'm a dead man. With great trepidation I shut down 
Ubuntu and rebooted.... I have never before been so happy to see that XP logo 
come up. :-)

So... has anyone used gparted to do an ntfs resize? Is there an extra trick?


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