[clug] Assistance to leave the Bazaar.

Steve widdicombe920 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 18:13:56 GMT 2006

Dear Luxians,


I wish to start using Linux exclusively but need help configuring and
perhaps upgrading. I don't expect anyone helping for nothing as work is
work, and am keen to serve a more philanthropic ideal and learn I.T.
properly and in a spirit of knowledge and its tools being the property of
those who seek it (hopefully virtuously). If any Linux experts that live in
the A.C.T. wish to assist and advise me in how to get Linux fully functional
on my machinery in a dual boot configuration please send me a line at
widdicombe at hotmail.com. I am sure I will have to obtain a new modem, and am
happy to pay for the service provided if I am made fully aware of the terms.


            Sincerely Steve.  




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