[clug] For Sale: Sharing a Squeezebox order

Michael James clug at james.st
Fri Apr 28 07:13:42 GMT 2006

Squeezeboxes are a network based stereo music device.
They require that you have a computer (OS agnostic)
 running somewhere on the network,
 to store and serve the music.
They are cool.

Have a look at them at http://www.slimdevices.com

These are 3rd generation squeezeboxes,
 I showed a Squeezebox1 at a Linux meeting a while ago.

Slim Devices have a deal (ending in 2 days)
 that takes US$100 off the price if I order 2 Squeezeboxes.
It's probably better for the postage too.

Anyone want the second Squeezebox3?
It'll cost ~$400,
 less if we don't get slugged with GST, more if we do.

Michael James

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Hackett, ACT 2602		mobile: 04 1747 4065

There is no perl one line hack
 that a page of java won't do more elegantly.

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