[clug] Two Questions....

Michael O'Keeffe themjwok at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 02:48:25 GMT 2006


First question - FC5 Yum.

I have installed FC5 and so far it has been minorly frustrating! I fixed
browser problems by disabling IPv6 however I am still have internet
connectivity problems. When I run yum I cannot see the outside world - oldly
enough though wget, nslookup, ping etc work. Also Konqueor and Firefox both
can see the URLs specified in the yum repositry files and the files I have
attempted to wget.

At a loss, any suggestions? (Other than I should have transitioned to Debian
like I originally planned :) )

Second Question - Processors (related to the first)
This question probably seems dumb but .... if I have an Intel Pentium D 840
chip with EM64T should I be using a 64bit kernel?
I've gone with out it since the core of the chip is still 32-bit (I think).
I'm wonder if this could be the source of my yum problem.

Any assistance wil be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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