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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
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We tested the Cisco Aironet and a SMC (the exact model # is lost atm) for
our larger, static NerdBand nodes, with a lot of success in terms of out
right kernel support via compiled modules, and I used a Linksys WUSB11 USB
dongle (under Gentoo) that required the atmel drivers to be install and the
kernel modules loaded at bootup, until I upgraded laptops.

But as Mikal said, the PCI bus needs to be of a newer spec to be able to
support them fully.


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I'm going to pose the perennial question again - what's do people
recommend for a PCI wireless card that works under Linux?  Works means
has an in-tree kernel module - ndis wrappers need not apply.

I already have one USB wireless dongle that doesn't work (although
2.6.10 does at least detect it and attempt to do something) and one of
those PCI cards with the infamous Broadcom chipset for which the
manufacturer refuses to provide programming information.

Adding a third device to my collection would be rather embarrassing.


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