[clug] PCI wireless card

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Sep 15 03:25:02 GMT 2005

Tim Potter wrote:
> I'm going to pose the perennial question again - what's do people
> recommend for a PCI wireless card that works under Linux?  Works means
> has an in-tree kernel module - ndis wrappers need not apply.
> I already have one USB wireless dongle that doesn't work (although
> 2.6.10 does at least detect it and attempt to do something) and one of
> those PCI cards with the infamous Broadcom chipset for which the
> manufacturer refuses to provide programming information.
> Adding a third device to my collection would be rather embarrassing.
> (-:

Well, remember that the 802.11g cards require a new PCI bus than many of
my crappy old machines have. Apart from that, I have no thoughts on the



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