[clug] proxy with a web front end

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Sep 12 06:52:32 GMT 2005


Are you talking along the lines of restricting access to the net?

I want to go to google, so I type into my browser www.google.com.au, at
which point the proxy prompts me for a username/password combo, and after
successful authenication I can then go out into the big bad internet, or are
you wanting to run a proxy anonymiser for only a few people (I want to view
certain content, but knowing the normal ones are blocked, I go to your
domain, log in, and then surf the net)


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It sounds more like you want the webserver to do the proxying for you.
Have you looked at apache with mod_proxy?


Boris Rousak wrote:

>Afternoon to all,
>Could someone please suggest an appropriate linux
>package to do the following:
>A proxy server which will be access via a webpage with
>a password or some other form of authentication.
>So when a user goes to www.mydomain.com they are
>prompted for a username/password and once logged in
>they are prompted for URL in the text box which once
>entered, the user is redirected to.
>Or anything along these lines. Does squid have an
>authentication module maybe?
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