[clug] proxy with a web front end

Paul Bryan paul at pabryan.mine.nu
Mon Sep 12 10:49:26 GMT 2005

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 11:05:49PM -0700, Boris Rousak wrote:
> Afternoon to all,
> Could someone please suggest an appropriate linux
> package to do the following:
> A proxy server which will be access via a webpage with
> a password or some other form of authentication.
> So when a user goes to www.mydomain.com they are
> prompted for a username/password and once logged in
> they are prompted for URL in the text box which once
> entered, the user is redirected to.

I think what you're after is something along the lines of
libproxy[1]. The only stickler might be that you have to tell it which
URL's to proxy - it won't do any arbitary URL.

If you're keen enough however, it's written in Perl. The stickler here
is that it's Perl embedded into an Apache conf file which is a bit
scary, but not too bad...

> Or anything along these lines. Does squid have an
> authentication module maybe?

It does, but user's need to direct their browser at your proxy
server. If they're doing this over the Internet (I'm sure you must
have a good reason for why you'd want to do this ;), then you'll want
to look at a fairly secure authentication mechanism. I can't suggest
anything of the top of my head however. Maybe there's a kerberos
module or something?


[1] http://www.goerwitz.com/software/libproxy/

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