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  Thank you to all who replied.  I am sorry to report that the machine fixed itself.  

  After I posted my first message last night, I found this web site: http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/grub/grub.htm and It told me how to create a boot floppy.  I did so, booted the machine and left it running.  I returned to the machine tonight, read the suggestions for repairs and was trying to decide which suggestion to use first.  I rebooted the machine and it booted normally!!!  (I had tried at least three times last night and each time I had the same grub halt.)

  Last year, I installed my first linux machine at home and now I run 2 linux and 1 windows.  I came across this CLUG thread accidently whe I had been looking for Samba help and I thought I was signing up to a Samba list.  I almost dropped off of the list after I saw that it seemed to originate in Australia, but I recognised that a lot of good information was being exchanged here.  So I have mostly lurked and I have tried to absorb the collective knowledge that has been presented.

  I appreciate the the help provided and I am embarrased that the problem seems to have fixed itself.


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>> All,
>>   I am running SuSe 9.1. I rebooted the machine tonight and the process
>> simply gave me the message "GRUB" and the machine halted.  I am able to
>> boot into a "rescue" mode, from a CD with limited functionality, but I do
>> not know how to start to diagnose / fix the problem.  Any hints are greatly
>> appreciated.
>>   Jim
>Boot your system with your SuSE CD and start as a normal booting process. 
>Select "Installation" and your "Language" on the next screen. At the third 
>screen you can "Select the Installation Mode". Choose "Repair Installed 
>System" and have YaST doing all the necessary step for you. - Its a powerfull 
>utility which can be used to check and correct many areas of an installed 
>SuSE system. This includes GRUB.
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