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> All,
>   I am running SuSe 9.1. I rebooted the machine tonight and the process
> simply gave me the message "GRUB" and the machine halted.  I am able to
> boot into a "rescue" mode, from a CD with limited functionality, but I do
> not know how to start to diagnose / fix the problem.  Any hints are greatly
> appreciated.
>   Jim

Boot your system with your SuSE CD and start as a normal booting process. 
Select "Installation" and your "Language" on the next screen. At the third 
screen you can "Select the Installation Mode". Choose "Repair Installed 
System" and have YaST doing all the necessary step for you. - Its a powerfull 
utility which can be used to check and correct many areas of an installed 
SuSE system. This includes GRUB.


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