[clug] Computer buildfest idea

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Oct 26 23:49:57 GMT 2005

Ladies, Gentlemen, Amorphs,

I currently have about six AT and ATX-style cases, some motherboards, and a 
box of network, video and other cards.  Mikal sounds like he has the same 
(only probably more so).  I'm sure pretty much everyone here has a few bits 
and pieces lying around that we want to go to a good home rather than the bin. 
  My plan with my stuff had been to make up a couple of firewalls or simple 
machines for my nieces to use.  The rest of it I was going to donate to a 
computer charity.

What if we had a day / evening where people brought all their bits and pieces 
together and we made as many machines work as we possibly could?  Install 
Linux on them (I hear a distro flamewar approaching... :-), contributors take 
working machines that they need away, and we give the rest to charity.  This 
sure sounds like a better idea than procrastinating about building them 
individually.  What do people think?

Have fun,


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