[clug] Routing spam for specific subdomain

Nerdvana - Steve Walsh S.walsh at nerdvana.com.au
Wed Oct 5 02:32:58 GMT 2005

Hello cluggers

I need to write a Sendmail or SA rule to route all traffic sent to a
specific subdomain that has been marked as spam to /dev/null/

Now before I get a bunch of emails from people with "apt-get install
procmail" or similar, I am stuck with the following config;

Redhat Enterprise

If I had any say in the matter, it would be running exim as an MTA, with
Marc Merlin's SA-EXIM scripts, but unfortunately, the client wants to stay
with Sendmail and RHEL.

So, at the moment it is handling and tagging mail for domain.com.au. What I
need it to do is tag mail for otherserver.domain.com.au, then route tagged
mail to /dev/null.

I've got an alias in place for devnull to /dev/null, but now I need to get
it to route the mail for otherserver.domain.com.au (and only
otherserver.domain.com.au) that has been tagged to /dev/null, but leave all
mail that is going to domain.com.au and has been tagged alone.

mail for user at domain.com.au tagged as spam is delivered

mail for user at otherserver.domain.com.au tagged as spam is routed to

Anyone got any suggestions?



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