[clug] IPCop problem

McClure, Mike mike.mcclure at rosslogic.com
Tue Oct 4 23:14:29 GMT 2005


Are you trying to connect to your web server (on the green network) from the
orange network?

Things in your DMZ are forbidden from initiating connections to the IPCop
box and (IIRC) to your green or blue networks.

Just out of curioisity, whyfore are you putting your webserver in your
private network not your DMZ?


> -----Original Message-----
> Cc: Ray Younger
> Subject: [clug] IPCop problem
> Do we have any IPCop experts in the group.
> I have a static ip and a subnet 4 to give me 2 IP addresses.
> One to Orange network (DMZ) I portforward all ports and that 
> pc works It is the IP address on subnet.
>  I am trying to set up a Webserver / Mailserver on the Green 
> network and have port forward port 80 off static IP but cant 
> connect to it

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