[clug] SETI@home on Xbox linux

Bunyip Redgum bunyipr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 10:31:17 GMT 2005

Just remember that a firewall shouldn't be used for anything else -
any additional applications will reduce the security.


On 11/16/05, Robin Shannon <robin.shannon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Next year i will be moving into a sharehouse with non-geeks. I want to
> set up a linux-xbox as a firewall (so the MS-using non-geeks don't
> hurt themselves too badly on the big bad interweb) and probably a
> jabber server. Most of the time, however, said x-box will probably
> just be sitting around wasting electricity, so i would like to harness
> all those wasted cpu cycles doing something along the lines of
> SETI at home. My requirements are that it runs on linux (well dah..) and
> that it doesn't affect the preformance of the the firewall or jabber
> (and maybe apache) server. I would also like it to be a more worthy
> cause than SETI at home. Has anyone else had experince with a SETI-like
> programme? which ones work on linux? how can you make sure that they
> only waste CPU cycles when there is nothing more important to do?
> Please note: this will be the first firewall or server that i have
> ever set up. My ignorance in such things is similar to Bush's
> ignorance re: foriegn policy.
> paz y amor,
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