[clug] SETI@home on Xbox linux

Robin Shannon robin.shannon at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 06:45:16 GMT 2005

Next year i will be moving into a sharehouse with non-geeks. I want to
set up a linux-xbox as a firewall (so the MS-using non-geeks don't
hurt themselves too badly on the big bad interweb) and probably a
jabber server. Most of the time, however, said x-box will probably
just be sitting around wasting electricity, so i would like to harness
all those wasted cpu cycles doing something along the lines of
SETI at home. My requirements are that it runs on linux (well dah..) and
that it doesn't affect the preformance of the the firewall or jabber
(and maybe apache) server. I would also like it to be a more worthy
cause than SETI at home. Has anyone else had experince with a SETI-like
programme? which ones work on linux? how can you make sure that they
only waste CPU cycles when there is nothing more important to do?

Please note: this will be the first firewall or server that i have
ever set up. My ignorance in such things is similar to Bush's
ignorance re: foriegn policy.

paz y amor,


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