[clug] OCR on linux

Arafangion thestar at fussycoder.id.au
Sun Nov 20 23:07:42 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005 09:53 am, David Lloyd wrote:
> Brad,
> > On Sunday 20 November 2005 23:43 pm, Stephen Jenkin wrote:
> > > Found a FC2 reference to 'kooka' - RPM doesn't seem to be in FC3.
> >
> > Kooka is a scanning / OCR front end. You still need a backend (like
> > gocr or  ocrad, but there is also a non-free option - KADMOS
> > (http://rerecognition.com/)).
> >
> > Given the research in this area, I'm also disappointed by the free
> > software  options. Not sure why it is this bad.
> Probably because the demand for OCR from Open Source potential
> developers is very low. Think of it - developers tend to be computer
> literate people (read: geeks) who don't deal with lots of paper
> documents.
> Given that a lot of OS development is fuelled by the desire simply to
> "develop it" or by companies who wish to make a profit in some way, OCR
> doesn't really seem a likely candidate for development at all in a
> computer, online centric world.

Also, a very large proportion of open source software is actually very simple 
and basic, research and design and all that other stuff has generally already 
been done.

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