[clug] Computer buildfest idea = linux Digest, Vol 35, Issue 1

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 00:24:55 GMT 2005

More bits for buildfest:
I have a working Celeron 700 on a motherboard, 64 or 128MB of RAM I think...

> I'd be interested in the Cat5, providing no other worthy cause has raised
> it's hand (i'd just be using it to run in the next house of friends etc).
> What sort of lengths do you have available?

Many and various, longest maybe ~30-40?, most around 10-20? I'm not
really sure. I've got far more than I need and it's all in a very big
box. It's all second hand and I usually give it to friends who are on
a budget, who'd rather try it than get new.

I wouldn't want to charge anything for it, I'm happy for anyone who
wants it to grab a bit, providing I'm left with something at the end
of the day :-)

I'll bring the box to the buildfest, If anyone wants to crimp it, they
can do so for the cost of the connectors @cost, I have:
*cheap (bad?) connectors that only work with the cheap crimper :P, 20c/ea.
*expensive (good?) connectors that work with either crimper, 85c/ea.

I've also got phone 4connector 6way (standard phone) connectors that
I'll pass on @ cost, mostly for stranded: 40c/ea. some for solid core
85c/ea. (I only got a small pack). Might come in handy for wiring up
VoIP. I'm using the stranded connectors on solid core cable, but only
for VoIP without fallback to the phone network - just in case.

> I'm starting my own xbox collection as well, so if they are destined for a
> smelly rubbish tip, my hand will raise for those as well.
> What sort of compensation would you be looking at for this stuff?

If you want new/bulk  CAT5e, I get 305m boxes occaisionally. I've got
some no-name stuff (CAT5, not sure about the "e") @ cost: 25c/metre,
but you'd probably want the Belden for the ~same price @cost. I'm
getting some Krone soon, which will also be the ~same price @cost, I
keep finding better suppliers :P

I can't imagine from that sales pitch I'll get anything for the
no-name stuff, but I would appreciate it if someone wanted it :P

Regarding the Xbox:
I think working ones are going for $130-$150 on eBay bundled with a random game.

I paid a little less than that when I got it a year back.

Is something around $80-$90 ono reasonable? I can bring it along the
buildfest and you can have a look if you want. I've opened it up, only
to see the hideous non-standard CD-ROM power connector. I suppose I
could try looking up a wiring diagram and just use a standard drive...
I don't know how amenable they are to that sort of thing.

If anyone could possibly want the PS2s, they'd be around $40-50 (not
reading DVDs), I paid $80-$90 a year back.

Hmm, maybe I should get a second hand parts forum going, so I'm not
spamming the list with all this junk

In general, I'm happy to trade for any/all parts. I don't really need
anything, but I'm happy to leave with some working PCs, PII 350 or
above. I'm also looking for a PATA PCI RAID card, RAID 1 support with
2 connectors would be sufficient.



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