[clug] OT: Grapevine ISP

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon May 30 01:18:19 GMT 2005

On 27 May 2005, at 18:45, Brett Worth wrote:

> When I talked up grapevine the other day I think I spoke too soon.

I think it's best to wait at least three months before recommending a  
particular ISP. I'll probably be giving Goldweb a go, once they offer  
shaped TransACT plans instead of charged-traffic plans. Right now I'm  
using Velocity (they offer both charged and shaped plans), and  
they've served me well enough, apart from two unexpected (and  
unexplained) 5 minute outages in the last month. Short outages like  
that are awful for gamers, but acceptable for the price I'm paying.

Please let us know how Grapevine turns out.

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