[clug] Mounting Win XP DIRECTORY in Linux

Peter Anderson pjafrombbay at yahoo.com.au
Sat May 28 05:31:03 GMT 2005


An update and final working solution that might be of use to someone else one day.

I looked at the file /etc/mtab (a hint from a Google search) and saw how the OS interpreted my
'manual bind'; I then copied that entry into /etc/fstab ('mount -- bind' apparently doesn't work
in fstab).  The fstab mount lines for the WinXP drive now look like:

/dev/hda1       /media/windows  ntfs    umask=0222      0       0
# Next line added to mount/bind "My Document" directory
/media/windows/Documents\040and\040Settings/Peter\040Anderson/My\040Documents /media/windocs none
rw,bind 0 0

I have re-booted the PC and everything is in place after the re-boot.  Fantastic.

Once again, many thanks.


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