[clug] Mounting Win XP DIRECTORY in Linux

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sat May 28 03:49:28 GMT 2005

On 28 May 2005, Peter Anderson <pjafrombbay at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> /dev/hda1  /media/windows  ntfs  umask=0222  0  0
> Following your advice, I used:
> sudo mount --bind '/media/windows/Documents and Settings/Peter
> Anderson/My Documents' /media/windocs
> And BINGO! It works.

Great; you can also put this in fstab to make it happen every time you
boot up but I forget the exact syntax.  

> Now if I could ask a supplementary question; how do I get the 'windocs'
> directory to appear on the desktop or more usefully as a top level open
> in a 'file open' dialog?

I think you just open a file open dialog and drag the icon onto 
the shortcut bar on the left hand side.  You can also shift-drag (?)
from the file manager onto the desktop to make a shortcut, or you can
also drag it onto the panel.


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