[clug] Ominous DRM rumblings

david david at qednet.biz
Thu May 26 07:11:57 GMT 2005

I wrote some time ago in OSNEWS about the business implication of the 
amount of muscle Microsoft has at its disposal. With its accumulated 
wealth, it can now afford to
a. virtually give away its OS to prevent Linux or anyone else getting a 
toe hold in a market (for example 
b. ship cut down versions to emerging world markets (for example
c. continue to dominate and extend its dominance in new (so-called) 
technologies - the Philips announcement being the most recent in a series.

The question remains, why is such a blatantly monopolistic regime 
allowed to continue unchecked and in many cases supported by government 
decisions? Is Gates buying everyone?

The only glimmer of hope is the fact that Sony and Panasonic have so far 
  had sufficient business nouse and continue to steer their own ships. 
In some ways the Philips announcement is perhaps in the short term more 
important for Philips (since they compete with the Japanese), but the 
leverage it offers Microsoft can only be viewed with extreme concern.

God help Apple!

ps I can absolutely vouch for the infiltration of windows media into the 
  TV and radio spheres, its totally insidious and pretty much all  pervasive

Michael James wrote:
> Executive summary:
> [MS's dominance of digital media] will, over the long run,
>   actually dwarf the company's success with Windows?
>  http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=1381&tag=nl.e539
> There's some hype, but it could well be self-fulfilling hype,
>  and we are going to have to work hard on a lot of fronts
>  to see it beaten.
> michaelj
> PS: Does DRM stand for Draconian Rights Manipulation?

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