[clug] CVS pain

Dody Suria Wijaya dodysw at gmail.com
Wed May 18 07:38:15 GMT 2005

My guess is when you scp the checkout module to research box, it does 
not copy the hidden CVS folders. and coincidently on the research box, 
it already got the old hidden CVS folders, which CVS/Entries specify 
version 1.5 for that file, and that version file is not available in the 
repository (happens if you re-checked-in/move cvs repository).

Michael Still wrote:

>I have a fairly simple cvs setup:
>A CVS server in the sky. There is a checkout of a module to my laptop,
>where I did not edits. I then scp'ed that to my research box.
>...Much updating to stuff to do with things later...
>Now I'm trying to commit the changes from the research box, and getting
>the error:
>cvs [commit aborted]: could not find desired version 1.5 in
>Does anyone have any idea what this actually _means_? It's starting to
>get kinda annoying.
>(Suggestions for other source control systems will be entertained, if:
>    - I can checkin these changes first
>    - My source history going back five years isn't lost in the upgrade
>    - There is an equivalent to cvsweb
>    - Bonus points for solutions which don't break my current cvsweb
>      URLs)

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