[clug] [FOR SALE] Free obsolete hardware for cluggers

Paul Warren u3292467 at anu.edu.au
Fri May 13 11:43:29 GMT 2005

Paul Warren wrote:
> More junk to give away.
> 3x SparcStation 10s  various specs
> 1x SparcStation 5 with bag of bits (fddi card, sbus expansion etc...)
> 1x Apple LC II with monitor, keyboard and mouse
> 21" 13w3 sun monitor
> 2 sun keyboards with mice.
> box of misc bits containing cables, ISA nics, edo RAM, various CD drives
> (SCSI, ATA), hard drives (SCSI and ATA)
> call me on 0438 240 819 or email me to arrange pickup.  I may even
> deliver to canberra for a pack of TimTams or a sixer of beer :o)
> Same thing as last time it all goes in the hopper on monday afternoon if
> it's still here.
> Cheers

Business has closed for this evening, no more phone calls/sms will be
accepted :o)

Whats Gone:
the SparcStations.
The 21" monitor
the box of bits.
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