[clug] Linux honeypots ignored

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Fri May 13 05:18:22 GMT 2005

The Honeynet Project released a report saying that Linux is not being 
hacked.  Test systems have an average life expectancy -- time before 
they are successfully hacked --  of three months.  This is much greater 
than that of Windows systems, which have average life expectancies on 
the order of a few minutes.  It's important to remember that this paper 
focuses on vulnerable systems.  The Honeynet researchers deployed 
almost 20 vulnerable systems to monitor hacker tactics, and found that 
no one was hacking the systems.  That's the real story: the hackers 
aren't bothering with Linux.  Two years ago, a vulnerable Linux system 
would be hacked in less than three days; now it takes three 
months.  Why?  My guess is a combination of two reasons.  One, Linux is 
that much more secure than Windows.  Two, the bad guys are focusing on 
Windows -- more bang for the buck.


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Copied whole from Carl <cwsiv at bluebottle.com> on the Suse-OT list

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