[UNCLASSIFIED]RE: [clug] What's the fastest way of deleting f iles ?

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Fri May 13 03:19:48 GMT 2005

On Fri, 13 May 2005, Martin Pool wrote:

> > Additionally, I've not found (nor have I looked too hard) why
> > find . -name \*.#\*
> >  doesn't work as I think it should. I use
> > find . -regex '.*\.#.*' instead...
> Well, one difference is that the regexp will match '.foo.#bar' while
> the glob will not.  Glob * does not match an initial dot.

Ah! Duh. Globbing as-the-shell-does. You know, with maybe just a little
bit more thought that might have occured to me....

> Martin

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