[clug] ipaq h5450 & linux - battery needed though?

Red Phoenix intersect at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 02:40:04 GMT 2005

I've recently managed to get a hold of a h5450 from the graysonline
auction site. It was advertised as 'fauly / wont boot', so I got it
reasonably cheap (as is appropriate for a potential brick ;).

I'm hoping to install familiar/opie on this beast, if I can get it up
and running.

I suspect that the battery is pretty-much dead - it doesn't seem to be
charging at present. I'm happy to grab a new battery, but I figured I
should verify that it's the source of the problem before I fork out
the cash. Does anyone have a h5400 or 5450 hanging around (or more to
the point, a h54xx battery) that I could use to verify that the rest
of the hardware is ok?



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