[clug] Wooden Cabinets (was: Rack Server Gear?)

Red Phoenix intersect at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 02:51:56 GMT 2005

Luke Hamilton asks:
> Where in Canberra is a good place to buy new/second hand Rack server gear?

I had a bit of scan around Canberra for racks that would fit in with a
home-office setup. Eventually, I gave up, designed my own, and got the
guys at ReCon in Fyshwick to build it for me.

Around 500 bucks from memory, and I have a wood-grain cabinet, with
horizontal slits in the front door, and 50% open at the back (for
airflow / cables), with 4 fixed shelves (2 for upright cases, one for
a monitor, and one for a couple of sparc pizza-boxes), and a sliding
keyboard tray.

It can hold 8 systems + a 17inch monitor, or 11 systems (no monitor),
and cuts down fan noise by around 60%.

I still have the design around (sxw or pdf), and the quote. Mail me
for more info.


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