[clug] Ubuntu network configuration

Stephen Granger sgranger at stepsoft.com.au
Wed Jun 15 01:26:04 GMT 2005

>From your gui drop down menu which is located by default at the top
left-hand corner of the screen,
system -> administration -> networking.
If you have some idea about networking and have changed these settings
on another OS you should be able to figure the rest out from the gui

Seeing Ubuntu is based on debian the network scripts are setup the same
way as on a modern debian distro. Rather than having individual files
for each interface,

all interfaces are specified in the a single file

I found it pretty hard to get used to when I initially changed to
debian. It now seems a lot more logical and works in better with other
software. For me it was a huge step going from a redhat 8 box to debian.
I bought a copy of Redhat 9 because I thought debian was going too hard
to deal with and I'd chuck it in after a couple of weeks. Now though I
mostly run debian systems and have a copy of redhat 9 in mint condition,
never been unwrapped, never been installed ;)

I'm assuming that if your DHCP server provides a dns server your dhcp
client (or pump) software will automatically assign this to your
/etc/resolv.conf . This can again be setup through the network-config gui.


Crosskey, Jason (DPS) wrote:
> Can someone tell me how I can permanantly change the hostname and set a
> static IP on Ubuntu. I couldn't find a hostname or eth0 type config
> file. Seems very different to redhat8 and other unix o/s I have used. 
> I also have noticed resolv.conf is set by DHCP, is this normal? I am
> trying to set up a DNS server. 

Stephen Granger

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