[clug] Debian release party at this month's CLUG?

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Tue Jun 7 05:44:27 GMT 2005

Yep, 23rd it is. 7:00 if I am not mistaken as well.

Concerning doing something on gimping, I've given ti some more thought and I 
am prepared to present for 30 minutes. Is this fine?
Topics will be the general basics to some more advanced things such as filters 
and scipt-fu. I can also, if wanted, instead to a small tutorial on how to 
create a nice blog banner or similar eye-candy. :-)

Pascal Klein

> I would like to see Pascal Klein, and i havent been to clug in a while
> so i might come along.
> if im correct its on at 7:00 on the 23rd of this month ?
> Thanks.

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