[clug] Web smbpasswd

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Tue Jun 7 03:23:11 GMT 2005

How to change an AD passwd without access to Windows?

smbpasswd gives the ability to change an AD password
 from the Unix command line.  It would be trivial to wrap it
 in a CGI script and provide it on a secure web page.

Is there any reason not to?

HTTPS protects the web side of the transaction from sniffing,
 can smbpasswd be configured to talk to the AD server
 on an encrypted channel?

The smbpasswd program just presents the
 username, old-password, new-password triple
 to the AD server, the security is all within AD isn't it?
As long as I proof it against brute force attempts,
 that's good enough isn't it?

I just want a little cooroboration from the list
 before I go ahead and do it. (Anyone done it?)

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