[clug] Linux for teenagers

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 6 01:55:18 GMT 2005

Phil Malcolm wrote:

>What I want to do is to install Linux on my daughter's laptop, and have it
>access the internet via our ADSL/Ethernet connection
I endorse the recommendation of others, and reckon you should try 
Kubuntu.  The nifty thing is that you can get 'Live CDs' that boot and 
run Linux entirely from CD without touching your hard drive.  This is 
'try before you buy' - no need to worry about partitions and damaging 
your Windows installation.

The downside to Live CDs are that it runs more slowly (the CD-ROM is 
slower than the hard drive) and you lose any settings when you turn it 
off (though with some effort you can save them to a floppy or memory stick).

If you've got a good ADSL connection you can download Kubuntu Live from 

Or by following the links here:

If you're limited in your bandwidth, I'm happy to burn a copy if you can 
make your way to Wanniassa to collect it.

Should you choose to install Linux permanently (and you should, of 
course) probably the biggest danger is in resizing your Windows 
partition to make room for Linux.  I've successfully done it a number of 
times, but it depends on how much free space you have on the Windows 
partition, and on you pressing the right buttons.


Tony Lewis

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